Small Business Trends: 6 Must-Haves for Your Small Business Website

Lisa Barone of Small Business Trends lists the six things that are absolutely necessary for a small business’s website.

  1. Inuitive Navigation. Don’t make it difficult for your customers to see all you have to offer. Keep your website recognizable and simple.
  2. Sticky Content. What is sticky content? Anything that makes your site unique and lures your them in further. An example of this could be downloadable content or blog posts. It is important to highlight this feature, so the attention is drawn to what you deem are your business’s best qualities.
  3. A Blog. Barone states, “Your blog is your company voice and what gives your company a personality.”
  4. Your Address, Phone Number & Contact Information. You want to make sure your potential client have many outlets to get in touch with you.
  5. Reviews. It establishes credibility and helps reduce risk for potential customers.
  6. Calls to Action. Take away distractions so customers know exactly what you want them to do whether it is to buy something or to sign up for a newsletter. Make sure your objective is clear.



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